Grand Fashion Icons

Fashion lies in the eyes of a beholder. The Fashion icons are not born their own but they are created and they are introduced to right connoisseurs at a right place and a right time. Things do not take place their own in this fiercely competitive world. Opening your avenues in the most throbbing in entertainment industry, Brandsun Promotion offers you an excellent opportunity to place you among the most accepted fashion icons through its biggest fashion talent show event in South-Asian region "Grand Fashion Icons - Achiever Awards".

Not to be Missed Opportunity for Models & Designers Icons

Fashion People For the Fashion World 
"Grand Fashion Icons - Achiever Awards" has been conceptualized and produced by Brandsun Promotion.

The vision of the "Grand Fashion Icons - Achiever Awards" is to appreciate the power of looks and the inner beauty. While individual excellence can get you far, history has proved over and over again that nothing can quite match up to a group of talented people pooling their resources and pulling together towards a common goal. Brandsun Promotion therefore, brings together some of World's finest minds, body and soul. "Grand Fashion Icons - Achiever Awards"  is a celebration of life, beauty, fashion, self discovery and confidence. We seek for a man and woman who has confidence, personality and a heart of what it takes to be a true South-Asia leader.

The Winners

  • Chance to win "Grand Fashion Icons" Title and CASH prize.
  • Grand Fashion Icons" winner becomes the BRAND AMBASSADOR for the selected designers labels.
  • Grand Fashion Icons" winner will be featured in the limited edition calendar shoot.
  • Grand Fashion Icons" winner shall be featured in the short fashion film & documentary on social cause.
  • Free grooming classes from renowned experts.
  • Free portfolio shoot from renowned Fashion Photographer.

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